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New Breakfast and Lunch Items

We have expanded our usual breakfast menu to include savoury sandwiches made with our signature brioche loaf. We call it the Brioche Roti.

Choose from a selection of 3 fillings, Tomato Cheese, Chicken Ham Cheese or Omelette Cheese. 


If you have a sweet tooth in the morning, then try our NEW Chocolate "Paw". Chocolate filled in a soft bun.

For a limited period till 11am daily, we will be giving a free cup of hot tea with either the Brioche Roti or Chocolate "Paw". Choose from either a Mint, Camomile, English Breakfast or Earl Grey Tea.


And we have not stopped at just that, we have revamped our lunch specials with two new additions. The first is our signature Brioche Sandwich with Tuna Mayo.

Next is our NEW Pita Sandwich with Grilled Chicken. Filled with fresh salad and a choice of house-made sauces.

And if you enjoy a Pita Sandwich but would rather have Tuna Mayo filling instead, try our NEW Pita Tuna Mayo Sandwich.

All made fresh and available from today.

See you there.

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