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More Lunch Options at Baker's 13

Our Expanded Lunch Sandwiches......

Together with our popular Brioche and previously launched Pita, our NEW Potato Bread completes our bread selection. 

Soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside, it is best served with our NEW Green Eggs & Chicken Ham filling. See picture below.

Our NEW filling is made with fresh basil pesto and egg mayo, on a tender chicken ham and juicy tomatoes. 

Served daily from 11am, customers can now choose the bread and filling to build their personal sandwich.

Bread Selection:- 1. Brioche , 2. Pita , 3. Potato Bread

Filling Selection:- A. Tuna Mayo , B. Grilled Chicken (with choice of sauce: BBQ, Mayo, Gochujang) , C. Green Eggs & Chicken Ham

Try it TODAY...


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