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Established in Sunny Singapore in 2014, Baker’s 13 always strongly believes ‘A meal without dessert is like a play without an ending’. And to conclude a meal, with desserts made from premium ingredients and fresh produce, is the best ending ever. We source for the best ingredient of the season, and use its natural sweetness, textures and tastes to create unique cakes, bread and other baked goods which are full of natural flavour and goodness.

In addition, we do not cut corners and will only select the best dairy and baking ingredients to produce divine and delicious desserts and wholesome baked goods with a price tag as sweet as it tastes.

We also believe in making everything in-house and from scratch. So all components of our cakes, pastries and breads are made from raw ingredients. 

With this passion for baking and the pastry arts, Baker’s 13 was born.

And why the name “Baker’s 13” you may ask.


The name "Baker's 13" came from the term “Baker's Dozen”, which originated during the reign of Henry III in 13th Century England. Bakers guilty of shortchanging customers, when they ordered a dozen, would face prosecution. Therefore bakers would give 13 for the price of 12.

Baker’s 13 will also honour this tradition, thus the 13th piece will always be FREE!