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Earl Choco Berry (Diabetic Friendly)

Earl Choco Berry (Diabetic Friendly)

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Indulge in the royal symphony of flavours with our Earl Choco Berry.

Earl Grey Sponge: The freshly baked Earl Grey sponge provides a subtle fragrant notes of Earl Grey tea, setting the stage for a journey into exquisite taste.

Raspberry Jelly Layer: As you delve deeper, discover a layer of luscious raspberry jelly, which balances with a delightful dance of tartness and richness.

Dark Chocolate Ganache: Enveloping the layers is a decadent embrace of dark chocolate ganache—a velvety richness that adds depth and indulgence to the Earl Grey sponge. 

Hand-Piped Rosettes: Ascend to the pinnacle of elegance as the cake is adorned with meticulously hand-piped rosettes along the top edge, adding a touch of artistry to this culinary masterpiece.

Edible Shimmer Finale: To crown this creation, a dusting of edible shimmer graces the surface, casting a subtle sparkle like the joyous moments of celebration. 

All components made with Sugar Substitute (Diabetic Friendly)

For same day or Tuesday orders, please call 96948391 or WhatsApp 96948391 for availability. [Premium Flavour - Diabetic Friendly]


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