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Prepare to experience a tropical paradise with every delectable bite of our FroMango (Fresh Mango Cheesecake). This divine dessert combines the creamy richness of cheesecake with the vibrant, juicy sweetness of fresh mangoes.

The journey begins with a buttery cookie crust that provides a perfect foundation for the luscious layers to come.

The star of this tropical delight is the velvety cheesecake filling infused with fresh mango puree and diced mangoes. It's the addition of pureed fresh mangoes that takes this cheesecake to new heights, infusing it with a burst of tropical flavour and a delightful hint of tanginess and natural sweetness.

The final top layer is a mango pudding, again made with fresh mango puree and diced mangoes. Gifting this tropical dessert a different dimension with each forkful of FroMango.

For same day or Tuesday orders, please call 96948391 or WhatsApp 96948391 for availability. [Premium Flavour]

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