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Fruitti Tutti

Fruitti Tutti

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Experience the epitome of freshness and lightness with our Fruitti Tutti.

Light Cake Sponge Base: Start your journey with a cloud-like, light sponge that serves as the perfect foundation for this indulgent treat.

Seasonal Fresh Fruit Filling: As you cut into the cake, be greeted by a burst of vibrant colours and juicy goodness. Our shortcake boasts a generous layer of seasonal fresh fruit filling, featuring a medley of seasonal delights that add a refreshing and naturally sweet touch.

Whipped Fresh Cream Topping and Fresh Cut Fruit Topping: Blanketing the fruity indulgence is a layer of whipped fresh cream—lightly sweetened, velvety, and the ideal complement to the fruity explosion below. To crown this masterpiece, we adorn the top with meticulously cut and arranged fresh fruits.

Sizes start from 7 inch round.

For same day or Tuesday orders, please call 96948391 or WhatsApp 96948391 for availability.  [Premium Flavour]

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