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Mandarin Tarts

Mandarin Tarts

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Baker's 13 Unique Mandarin Tarts are made with real seasonal mandarin oranges, slow cooked until golden and baked in a buttery pillow, made from 100% French butter. Each bite bursting with flavour and taste. 

Appearance: Each mandarin tart is bite-sized, and filled with slow-cooked mandarin oranges, encased in a delicate pastry shell. 

Texture: The slow-cooked mandarin orange filling provides a soft and velvety texture. The pastry shell, on the other hand, is flaky and tender, creating a harmonious contrast with the luscious mandarin filling.

Flavour: The predominant flavour is the sweet, slight tangy and citrusy essence of mandarin oranges. The slow-cooking process intensifies the natural sweetness of the mandarins, creating a rich and flavourful filling. The pastry shell, while delicate, may have a buttery undertone that complements the bright and refreshing taste of the mandarins.

Aroma: As you approach these tarts, the aroma is likely to be a burst of fresh mandarin fragrance. The zesty and aromatic notes of the mandarin oranges are enticing and evoke a sense of freshness and celebration. And the buttery goodness of the pastry shell.

Cultural Significance: The act of sharing and enjoying mandarin tarts during Chinese New Year reflects the desire for a sweet and prosperous year ahead. The use of mandarin oranges, with their vibrant colour and positive symbolism, adds a cultural touch to the celebration.


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