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Rainbow Cake

Rainbow Cake

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Step into a world of vibrant joy and sweetness with our Rainbow Cake.

Multicolored Layers: The heart of this masterpiece lies in its layers—each one a spectrum of colours, like a painter's palette brought to life. The moist and tender vanilla sponge layers, are lightly flavoured with real lemon juice syrup, providing a balance of sweetness and refreshing taste notes.

Smooth Orange Buttercream: Sealing the layers together is a luscious coat of smooth orange Swiss buttercream made from 100% Natural French Butter. Light and delicious. Always popular with kids.

Coloured Sprinkles Deco: To complete the look, the top of the cake is dressed with a vibrant array multi-coloured sprinkles. 

Sizes start from 7 inch round.

For same day or Tuesday orders, please call 96948391 or WhatsApp 96948391 for availability. [Premium Flavour]


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