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Sakura Meringue Cookies

Sakura Meringue Cookies

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Baker's 13 Sakura Meringue cookies are a delightful and delicate treat that captures the essence of cherry blossoms, or sakura, in Japanese cuisine. These cookies are inspired by the subtle and floral notes of cherry blossoms and incorporate Japanese-sourced sakura flavouring to achieve their distinctive flavour.

Appearance: The meringue cookies are typically light and airy, with a crisp and glossy exterior. Individually hand piped into flowers and dressed with edible rose petals sprinkles.

Texture: The texture of these cookies is delicate and melt-in-your-mouth. The meringue base provides a light and fluffy interior, while the outer layer is crisp and fragile.

Flavour: The standout feature of these cookies is the subtle sakura flavor. The taste is often described as floral and slightly sweet, evoking the delicate essence of cherry blossoms. 

Aroma: Upon taking a bite, you are greeted with a gentle aroma that mirrors the fragrance of cherry blossoms. The scent is delicate and inviting, adding to the sensory experience of enjoying these cookies.

These cookies make for a delightful and sophisticated treat, perfect for enjoying during CNY. 

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